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Green Garden Roof Systems by Sopranature


Environmental Benefits:
Green roof systems benefit the environment in several ways. They help to reduce the “heat island” effect which is the significant temperature change between congested, urban areas and the surrounding more rural area. As urbanization increases, greenhouse gases and congestion increases the pollution in the air and helps temperatures rise but only in the city; the surrounding rural areas are not affected. Green roofs decrease roof temperatures by as much as 81° F.

Economical Benefits:
Green roof systems reduce our dependence on non-renewable sources of energy such as coal and oil by reducing the building’s use of energy for heating and cooling interiors spaces, thus reducing your overall utility bills.

Marketing/PR Benefits:
We all want to be good stewards of Mother Earth. Your inclusion of the SOPRANATURE green roof system will further elevate your company’s status as an environmental leader in your community.


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