Stone Veneer by TriLite

· Waterproofing


So easy to instal! Looks great and will provide decades of service! Two Buffalo offers Stonework & Veneer Supplies from our Partner, TriLite Stone Company.  The result is great looking, matchable and durable.

Green Features:
In accordance with environmentally responsible practices specified by the USGBC, our products comply with many elements of the LEED Building rating system.

  • A significant portion of our product is of recycled content.
  • Our product uses a resource efficient manufacturing process that is environmentally friendly, requires minimum energy consumption and produces minimal environmental waste.
  • Packaging for our products is recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Raw materials for the manufacturing process are locally available as defined by the USGBC.
  • Our product can be reused or recycled at the end of the application life cycle.
  • Our product can be installed using zero or low-VOC materials.
  • Our product is non-toxic.
  • Our product can be cleaned with low emission cleaning products.
  • Our product resists moisture or inhibits the growth of biological contaminants in buildings.
  • Our product is affordable per guidelines set by the USGBC, as the total material and installation costs are far less than natural stone.
  • Our product is durable, as the life expectancy of our product will exceed other typical products used in building or remodeling.

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